Kris (lankykribit) wrote in one4themoney,

my thoughts on 12

I just got the book for my birthday last night and I've already read it and then skimmed through again twice. I love this book. It's probably one of my favorites in the series.

I especially loved Lula and Tank! Tank isn't around much but I always enjoy the scenes he's in. I like all the Merry Men scenes, just because they're completely flustered by Stephanie most of the time.

When Ranger got shot at the end, I was afraid he was dead and that's how Stephanie finally decided between him and Joe. Like someone said in a comment earlier, I really don't see any other way of her choosing between them.

I liked learning more about Ranger in this book and seeing his daughter. I kind of wished Julie had been in more scenes since she seemed like a spunky little kid.

I need the next book already!
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