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My Thoughts

For the first time since about book eight I wasn't completley disapointed by this novel. I think thought this was inevitable after reading 11 and 13 and Plum Lovin'. I just felt Janet Evanovich attempted to correct some of the diversions she had previously gotten sidetracked with.

This book also had me laughing which i haven't done for a while. I thought the narrative was a lot tighter again. And it wasn't so far fetched as some of the other novels. I think the inclusion of Dickie was interesting. But also I don't think she exploited it to it's full potential.

This novel seemed to be really rushed in terms of the overeaching arch. Most of the novel concentarted on Morelli and Ranger. I can't speak for anyone else but I am incredibly tired of it. I am a Morelli girl. I guess this stems from the fact the first novel of the series I read was Four to Score and my loyalties are set in concrete. But I am tired. I want resolution. I think the lack of major character development on Stephanie's part stems from Evanovich's decision to continue on the charade between Morelli and Ranger.

Quite frankly I want her to make a decision. I need Stephanie to choose on of them. I am hoping it will be Morelli but I just want a decision. At the conclusion of the book she waited for Morelli so they could go "home" together. Now, I do believe I am reading to much into it, but Stephanie concedes that Morelli's house is also her home. I am just frustrated. And it pains me every moment Ranger has with Stephanie.

Feel free to disagree with me.

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