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lean mean thirteen

I laughed pretty hard at this book. I thought the idea of taxidermic bombs was ridiculous but how could you not laugh at people getting beavered and woodchucked? Even Ranger finally laughed out loud at Steph's car getting squirel bombed.

Did anyone else think that the old man waiting for the cable company was going to be involved in the other plot line?

I won't talk much about the relationships because someone else posted on the Ranger/Steph/Morelli triangle but do you think that Morielli knows the extent of Stephanie's feelings for Ranger? Sure, she lusts after him a lot, but she also loves him right? Also, have we ever heard Tank say anything to Lula? I haven't read the older books in a while, so I imagine there are a few lines back there somewhere but I can't remember.

Sorry for the long post.
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